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As a freelance motion designer, my business is very close to that of a small animation studio in Manchester; helping clients through all the stages of an animation project from the script right up to the final video.

The animation projects I work on vary from fully formed animated explainer videos, to logo animation, and everything in between!

Being based in Manchester and animating here doesn't mean my clients have to be though. The entire animation process can be done remotely, and as a result I've had the pleasure of working with clients all over the world - without ever leaving the sunny streets of Manchester!

So let's not allow location to step in the way of creating some great animation, if you have an idea in mind then:

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Freelance animator or animation studio?

The line between being a freelance motion designer and a small animation studio is very thin indeed, often blurred in places.

The reality is, when working directly with clients I'm carrying out the work of an animation studio. I cover all aspects of an animation project: from script writing, to storyboarding, animation production, and even voiceover work.

What this means is, I'm an animation studio without the added overheads, the prices I charge for animation work aren't inflated to cover large office rents in central Manchester, I don't have to cover additional staff wages or any of the other extra costs that come with running an animation studio.

If a project requires extra help, more animators for example or perhaps a specialised illustrator, I look to my network of trusted freelancers to help, bringing them on board on a project by project basis to cover the exact needs of each specific animation.

In my view, being freelance is the way forward for now. So if you're looking for a Manchester animation studio, why not see what a Manchester based freelancer can do instead?

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Freelance animation work

Still trying to decide between the many animation studios in Manchester? Perhaps my animation reel will help you decide.

The reel below showcases a selection of my animation work, produced in Manchester for clients based across the world, who knows maybe your work could be in my next reel.

Freelance animation services in Manchester and beyond

Take a look through my freelance motion design and animation services, for all other projects send me an email to see if I can help out.

I'm based in Manchester, and work with clients across the world so location isn't an issue.