Logo Animation Services

If you're wondering how to create a professional logo animation then you've come to the right place.

Animating your logo is a great way to add another dimension to your static designs, bringing your logo to life for use on websites and film content.

The logo animation process is built on experimentation, trying different approaches to see what works best.

As all logos are unique to each client, no two logo animation projects are the same. This is because I'll always look to create the best form of animation for each individual logo.

Animated logos for websites

If you're looking to animate your logo to use on your website, in some instances it's possible to create what's known as an SVG animation. This form of animation is made using code rather than massive gif files which means your site won't be slowed down by your animated logo.

Websites with animated logos are often much more eye catching than those with simple static logos, it's amazing the difference an animated logo can make.

How much does it cost to animate a logo?

If you're in the market to buy logo animation services, then logo animation costs start from £750 and increase depending on factors such as the complexity of the logo animation, and extra formats that need to be produced.

When looking at logo animation costs, it's important to take into account that once an animated logo has been produced, it can be used throughout your online brand materials, it may even be possible to create an animated logo loop for use in presentations. As with all good design work, the logo animation cost should be seen as an investment in your overall brand image.

If a professionally animated logo is too expensive, read the section below on how to create your own logo animation.

As mentioned, every logo animation project is unique so get in touch to find out how I can help.

How to make an animated logo

To create logo animation, we first require an actual logo. If you haven't yet produced a logo, I recommend Gorilla for Logo design.

Once you have a logo, we then need to decide is it an animated logo website project, or an animated logo film project? The two differ slightly because animated logos on websites are best created as SVG animations (this basically means the logo animation is quick and speedy), whereas film logo animation can be created as a normal video file.

Once we've decided the type of logo animation, it's then a process of experimentation on my part to figure out and plan what works best for your logo. Each logo is unique and as such each animation should be unique too.

If you're interested in finding out more about the logo animation process then get in touch, and hopefully we can work together to create something brilliant.

How to create an animated logo yourself

If you're not looking to invest in professional logo animation services and a bespoke animated logo design, there's always the DIY option to animate your logo yourself.

If you own Adobe After Effects, or know someone who does, then you can actually use a logo animation template to animate your logo. These logo animation templates are pre-animated, so all you have to do is drag and drop your logo animation into the template and it will be animated automatically.

The downside of using a logo animation template is that multiple people can use it, so the animation won't be unique to you, however, logo animation templates might be a good fit if your budget is tight.

All freelance animation services

Take a look through my freelance motion design and animation services, for all other projects send me an email to see if I can help out.

I'm based in Manchester, and work with clients across the world so location isn't an issue.

Rewilding the planet with freelance animation and motion design

We've only got one planet, and right now it needs all the help it can get. Climate change and biodiversity loss are massive challenges that we need to tackle head on.

That's why, for every freelance animation project over £1000 a donation of 1% of the total budget will be made to the World Land Trust, on your behalf.

The money will go towards WLT's "buy an acre" programme; buying up and protecting vital habitats around the world, and helping fight against climate change.

Any motion design projects under £1000 will have a tree planted on your behalf.

Acres saved so far:

Thanks to my wonderful clients and the animations we've produced, enough money has been donated to save around:

17.5 Acres of vital habitats around the world.

Just think, your animated explainer video or logo animation could also be helping fight the climate crisis!

If you're interested in some freelance animation work and saving the planet, get in touch and let's chat!