Animated explainer on toilets for The Guardian

Project Overview: A short motion design piece created for The Guardian that highlights how more people around the world have access to phones than sanitation

Client: The Guardian


About the project

One of my first freelance projects for The Guardian was to work on this 99 seconds piece.

This particular animation was a collaborative effort, the animation had been started by the head of motion; Alex, and another freelancer prior to my involvement.

Perhaps my favourite contribution is the Toilet 2.0 - we needed a way of animating a futuristic toilet, so I went with what I've dubbed as "the flush-o-tron 3000"

It was a great project to work on, a really good introduction to the team at The Guardian and how they work too.

Animation showing maps filling up Scene from animation showing toilet Scene from animation highlighting youtube Animated scene showing a toilet graphic

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