Completely New Site

Welcome to the new site design!

I recently updated my site from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 and to go with it I created the new theme you see before you.

Instead of upgrading from D5 to D6 I decided to make a fresh start. My old site had a lot of unnecessary modules & themes installed as well as unwanted content from when I first created the site. For all of these reasons I decided simply to create a whole new site, delete the old database and content and start with a new fresh install of Drupal 6.

I love Drupal 6, it feels so much more finished than D5 from overall functionality right down to the little warning messages alerting you to the fact you are working offline or that something could do with being turned off/on.

I would definately recommend upgrading to D6 if you are still using Drupal 5 or below.

The new site may change slightly over the coming weeks as I tweak and change the design and layout but nothing major.

I am also going to enable comments on the blog so that if you have any questions or thoughts on anything I write here you can easily let me know!

I hope you like the new design!

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Rewilding the planet with freelance animation and motion design

We've only got one planet, and right now it needs all the help it can get. Climate change and biodiversity loss are massive challenges that we need to tackle head on.

That's why, for every freelance animation project over £1000 a donation of 1% of the total budget will be made to the World Land Trust, on your behalf.

The money will go towards WLT's "buy an acre" programme; buying up and protecting vital habitats around the world, and helping fight against climate change.

Any motion design projects under £1000 will have a tree planted on your behalf.

Acres saved so far:

Thanks to my wonderful clients and the animations we've produced, enough money has been donated to save around:

17.5 Acres of vital habitats around the world.

Just think, your animated explainer video or logo animation could also be helping fight the climate crisis!

If you're interested in some freelance animation work and saving the planet, get in touch and let's chat!