5 Second Project: Countdown

A couple of months ago I came across Greyscale Gorilla - a blog dedicated to all manner of motion graphics and 3D design.

Whilst traversing the wealth of posts over there I found out about the ‘5 second projects’ - basically they provide you with a theme and all you have to do is create an animation based on it. The animation can literally be anything you want it to be as long as it has something to do with the theme they set.

The first theme I entered into was: straight lines only - I decided to go with a simple square which was actually revealed to be a combination of other lines.


The end result was OK - feedback on it made me realise I could have used the perspective lines in the middle to actually make up the square better but I had fun with it none-the-less.

My latest attempt is for the theme: Countdown.

As you can see below I went for the obvious choice of counting down numbers but decided to mix it up a bit by using Roman numerals which in the end make up a rocket - an image commonly associated with countdowns!


The projects are great, by providing a theme for you to work on it allows you to focus your ideas to one central area rather than simply being able to do everything. I would reccommend anyone who is interested in 3D design, motion graphics or animation to get involved!

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Rewilding the planet with freelance animation and motion design

We've only got one planet, and right now it needs all the help it can get. Climate change and biodiversity loss are massive challenges that we need to tackle head on.

That's why, for every freelance animation project over £1000 a donation of 1% of the total budget will be made to the World Land Trust, on your behalf.

The money will go towards WLT's "buy an acre" programme; buying up and protecting vital habitats around the world, and helping fight against climate change.

Any motion design projects under £1000 will have a tree planted on your behalf.

Acres saved so far:

Thanks to my wonderful clients and the animations we've produced, enough money has been donated to save around:

17.5 Acres of vital habitats around the world.

Just think, your animated explainer video or logo animation could also be helping fight the climate crisis!

If you're interested in some freelance animation work and saving the planet, get in touch and let's chat!