Voiceover work

If you take a look at a couple of my most recent motion design projects, you may notice the voice is actually the same:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

It is in fact me!

While working on the Authored animation I recorded a rough version of the voiceover to ensure all the timings were OK. After sending the rough cut over to the client, turns out they actually really liked my voice for the video!

To ensure a more professional sound I bought a new mic & sound recording equipment:

voiceover work

It certainly made all the difference. So much so that the same thing happened on my next project, the client thought my voice worked well for the animation & decided to keep it.

So, continuing the trend I'm now adding voiceover work to my list of services!

Need a voiceover for your project? Get in touch: hello@designedbythomas.co.uk

And yes, this is me too (although before the mic):

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