Motion graphics project: gifs

I've been working on a motion graphics project recently that involved creating an animated gif version of a client logo in After Effects.

Before taking on the project, I decided to experiment slightly and put some trial animations together to help get a feel for the gif making process:

circle loop

elipse rotation

hexagons rotation

blue circles gif

This one is slightly different in that the motion isn't linear, it eases in & out so there is a visible stop as the gif loops.
hexagons ease loop

I had been having trouble with exporting gifs directly from after effects, the quality wasn't quite up to scratch and there were a few issues with the colour palette too.

After a little research I found this great blog post on Greyscalegorilla that explains how to use photoshop to create a gif from an exported .mov file from After Effects.

I'm still working on the animated logo as part of a bigger project but will share once it's completed.

After Effects Motion graphics