More motion design for The Guardian

Over the past couple of weeks I've been down in London working freelance on some more motion design projects at The Guardian.

This time I worked on a couple of different projects, the first of which was a video detailing what the Ebola virus is, how it's transferred, and what it does to you:

The second video was all about the new Guardian design; it details the various stages of The Guardian's online presence since it launched in 1999.

Take a look at the finished motion design piece on The Guardian website.

The video also made it into a feature on the Fast Co.Design site which provides a decent overview of the new design.

All in all it's been another great couple of weeks, but it's never a solo effort - thanks again to Alex the resident motion designer, and everyone else involved in putting the videos together.

You may also be interested in the previous motion design work I've done whilst freelancing at The Guardian

Oh, and I also had some fun putting this Vine together:

After Effects Freelance Motion graphics