Creating a 3D blueprint in Cinema 4D

Ever since Adobe added Cinema 4D to After Effects I've been trying to use it more and more in my motion graphics work. Every now and then I'll discover something cool & I just can't help experimenting with it!

The most recent thing I've found is the "Cel Render" effect (Edit render settings > Effects > Cel Renderer). Enabling this function allows you to render the edges and outlines of an object as you'll see in the example renders below.

I decided to whip up a quick example to demonstrate the effect, one which I could see myself using in a short film perhaps (blueprints of the rebel base you say?)

Cinema 4D cel render

A fire escape ladder I spent a bit too much time on. You'll notice there are joins down the ladder; rather than create one long cube I decided to create segments as it makes it look a bit more interesting when it's rendered out:
cel render ladder Cinema 4D

cel render lower view Cinema 4D

cel render overview Cinema 4D

And finally the models in gif form!
Cinema 4D cel render gif

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