Website bookmark icons for different iOS devices

A couple of years ago I wrote a short post on how to create an iPhone bookmark icon for your website which would appear if someone were to add your site to their homescreen. That post is getting on a bit now (the screenshot alone shows just how the UI has changed) and now there all sorts of new devices and perhaps more importantly: resolutions to consider when creating an icon.

The new twitter design

Twitter has today launched a major new design of their apps across the board. Interestingly the announcement on came with a call to download the official mobile apps in order to get access to the new design on your computer, was this to reinforce a mobile first approach? Or perhaps it was just a ploy to get people back into using the official twitter app? Either way, I updated the iOS app & hey presto! The new web design appeared almost instantly.

Wunderlist: the fantastic task management app

If you're trying to find a decent to-do list app then you really need to checkout the task management tool: Wunderlist. As well as a web app, wunderlist is also available for a wide variety of devices and perhaps the best thing about it: it's absolutely free. Incredible really when you look at the key features the app has to offer:

How to detect the width of a web browser using jQuery

Detecting the width of a browser window can be very useful when designing a website, it allows you to create a more responsive design which is suited to the current browser dimensions.

Website overhaul: new design and development

Last week I released the latest version of If you ever visited the old site then you will see there has been quite a drastic change to the overall theme and structure.

Incorrect password error using GMail on the iPhone

Whenever an "enter password" message box pops up on my iPhone I immediately enter my iTunes password, it's pretty much a an immediate action and I don't tend to look at what the message is saying once I see the word: "Password" I just zone out and enter it.

So when the familiar message box below popped up I proceeded to enter my iTunes password as per usual!


How to: create a website bookmark icon for the iPhone

For those of you who follow me on twitter - you may have read that I recently became the owner of an Apple iPhone. I must admit that it was quite a hard decision, the lack of a camera above 3 megapixels being the main reason I didn't really want to join the Apple masses. Nevertheless, I now have the device and must admit: I love it!

Visualization of RFID

In my blog post on the nabaztags, I talked about the RFID rabbits known as nano:ztags bringing a relatively new and emerging technology to the public in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

I then remembered a site which I had come across a couple of months ago: - the site relates to the research project: "touch" which investigates Near Field Communications.