Elementary - Drupal theme

I've finally had some time to start work on a new Drupal theme which I'm hoping to contribute back to the community. I've decided to call it Elementary, and my overall goal is to keep things as simple as possible & focus on written content above all else which I'm hoping will make it ideal for blogs.

An early screenshot:

Removing unwanted CSS files from a Drupal theme

If you've ever developed your own Drupal theme then you may have noticed that Drupal & other contrib modules provide their own stylesheets for you to contend with. Of course you could just override the CSS rules with your own, however the files are still being included on every single page load when they really don't need to be.

Just as an example: there were around 14 additional stylesheets being provided by core or contrib modules on my contact page alone.

DrupalCon London 2011

DrupalCon London is almost over, the sessions have all been wrapped up and all that remains tomorrow is the code sprints to try and put some of the awesome ideas from the week straight into action. This was actually my first ever DrupalCon, unfortunately I could only attend one of the days but even so; I learnt a lot from the sessions I attended, the entire atmosphere was great and I'll definitely be attending future conferences!

Website overhaul: new design and development

Last week I released the latest version of designedbythomas.co.uk. If you ever visited the old site then you will see there has been quite a drastic change to the overall theme and structure.

What is Drupal.settings all about in Drupal?

I've recently been using the Views nivo slider module for a Drupal project which needed a nice neat javascript slider. After installing the module & getting the slider in place I suddenly came up against a slight problem in that I needed to dynamically change the starting slide on the slideshow.

Phase 1 complete

A few weeks ago I decided my website content pages needed a bit of a spruce up, less of a 'redesign' more of a 'refactoring' really.

Whilst designing the new content pages I also decided to make some changes to the backend too; moving away from the ZEN base theme to a completely custom theme contstructed from scratch.

I am in the process of writing up the changes I've made in slightly more detail, there are some pretty cool changes I made to the Drupal side of the site which I wan't to share.

Zen Sub-theme Error

The great thing about Drupal is that it comes with a variety of themes available to download. If, like me however, you want to carve out your own theme then there is an incredibly useful way of doing this: the Zen theme.

Zen is a perfect starting point for anyone who wants to give theming a go for Drupal sites. It is well documented and within a few easy steps you can be on your way to creating your own theme.